Tuesday, December 21, 2004

How fine you are to me, dear husband.

I have been far too busy to add anything to this blog since Matt and Joanna were engaged! Has it really been two months already? This month on the 16th, Matt gave Joanna a beautifully bound English Standard Version of the Bible, so they could study the Bible together. Her reaction was joy, and tears, at his words of love and faithfulness.

Last night, Matt came for a visit, and was telling us how much he has grown to love Joanna. He enjoys just staring at her. To him, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Rick and I agreed that she is beautiful, and that they make a fine couple.

This morning, Rick came to me and gave me a long, lingering hug. He said to me softly, "You know, last night when Matt was talking about how beautiful Joanna is, I was thinking that if someone were to ask me who the most beautiful girl in the world is, I would immediately think of you. Do you know how fine you are to me?"

Ahhhhh, words that build a marriage to last a lifetime. Here I am, recently turned fifty, yet my husband of 31 years genuinely sees me as a pretty girl, no a beautiful one. I see him as my King, my Protector, my Knight in Shining Armour. His words to me meant a great deal - not that I care that I am pretty, because I know that the wrinkles are coming and that my hairdresser daughter keeps telling me that I am beginning to go gray - no, they meant a great deal because I want *this man* to always think that I am beautiful. I want him to see me as his Queen. I want to demonstrate the Love of Christ to him, and I want him to be proud to have me at his side as he goes through life.

How fine he is to me. How handsome! How beautiful! His smile lights up my day. His laughter rings in my ears. When he gets down on the floor to play with the puppy, I see the boyish charm of the young man that I married. When he demands, "Kiss this face", and one of our kids grins and plants a big kiss on his hairy cheek, my heart is warmed.

Lord, help me to be an excellent wife to Rick. Give me grace and faith and hope and love. Do not let me fear, or falter, or fall into sinful patterns in our relationship. Thank You, dear Lord, for all that You have done in working the tapestry of our marriage and family. We are blessed beyond measure, and Your grace has been poured out upon us in amazing ways. Thank You that You have taken two unlikely people, opposite in temperament, and molded us into a unit. Thank You that You have blessed our union with twelve beautiful children, and eight gorgeous grandchildren, with more to come. Lord, in your mercy, give us a legacy of godliness and grace. Use our family to minister to many. Bless our children with godly spouses who are whole-heartedly devoted to You. Help Rick as he is the grand Patriarch of this ever-growing family, to guide and teach his progeny and point them to You, their wonderful Creator and amazing Redeemer.

In Jesus' name, I pray.