Monday, October 04, 2004

Never Alone

One of the perks of living in a large family is that one is never alone! This evening, after supper, my husband and I were sitting in the living room, visiting and talking about our day, and we had to keep raising our voices louder and louder because of the "thundering herd" upstairs. The children were playing hide and seek in the dark. My 16 year old daughter, Linda, was chasing her younger siblings and terrorizing them, all in good fun.

Thankfully, they don't run and chase each other through the house EVERY day - my patience would wear very thin if that were the case. However, they really do have fun together. There is always something to do, and they never run out of ideas.

After watching the Lord of the Rings, the kids dug out old material and made themselves costumes. Pieces of wood were shaped into swords, then painted. Old metal that they found lying in the garage was made into shields. Someone even fashioned a beard for Christopher out of faux fur, so he could be Gandalf, and state assertively, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!"

One of my favourite things about being a mom to twelve is watching their imaginations at work. It is heartening to see that they are good friends, and it is so much fun to see them running and playing together, even when the oldest at home is 18 and the youngest is only 5.

When I figure out how to post pictures to this blog, I will put up some that show my kids at play.


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