Monday, January 01, 2007

Turning over a (nother) new leaf!

Here it is, January 1st, 2007 - New Year's Day. And here I am, turning over a new leaf (again!).

I love a new year. The beginning of each new year is brimming with potential; hopes and dreams, longing for change; self-improvement --- all of these things fill the mind and make one ponder.

Some people are against setting New Year's Resolutions, but I am all for it. So what if I don't accomplish all of my goals? So what if we as a family fail to keep every family resolution we make? At least we SET the goals. At least we tried. And because I am an eternal optimist, I refuse to beat myself up over the failures. I prefer to revel in the achievements and celebrate the accomplishments.

So, here goes, for all to see:

FAMILY RESOLUTIONS (in no particular order)

1. Smoke-free home. (Rick changed this to a nag-free home (grin) but we really want all of our relatives to respect that we choose not to smoke, and not to breathe in smoke from other people's cigarette habits.)

2. Clean up after ourselves. (Don't allow ourselves to 'gerbil' - to drop an item here, or fail to put away something that goes there...)

3. Daily Bible Time

4. Daily Memory Work (catechism and verses)

5. More outdoor activities TOGETHER

6. Fridays - Family Games Night

7. Keep Bedrooms clean

8. Pilgrim's Progress (followed by other read-alouds)

9. Mom doesn't do supper dishes

We have determined that we will strive to accomplish all of the above goals, as a family. We will hold each other accountable to do these things.

Janet's Personal Resolutions

1. Nothing By Mouth that is not Nutritious or "Fuel" for the Body. Everything is to be evaluated according to whether or not it will benefit me nutritionally, allowing me to achieve my goal of fitness and vitality, so I have the energy to serve my family and my Lord.

2. Daily Exercise. Minimum of half an hour of walking, plus weight lifting or exercise equipment.

3. Daily Devotions.

4. Daily Journal/Blog

5. Work on Website at least once per week. (Granny Pages)

6. Weekly planning and scheduling to be done on week-ends: school planning; finances; family scheduling, etc.

That's enough.

And I start tomorrow, for sure.