Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Asimov and Progress

The children and I are busy organizing our rather substantial library. I came across a couple of general anatomy books written by Isaac Asimov. I had heard of Asimov, but didn't know much more about him than the fact that he was a science fiction writer. I went online to Wikipedia and found all I need to know right now, here:

I learned that Isaac Asimov, although brilliant, was not a Christian. He wrote books about the Old and New Testaments, but considered the Bible to be merely Jewish myth, in a similar manner to the Iliad being Greek myth.

As I was discussing this with my children, it came to me that my 7 year old son, Christopher, is more wise than Isaac Asimov ever was. Christopher is not a member of Mensa nor the Humanist Foundation. He has written no books, given no lectures, and outside of friends and family, he is known by nobody. Asimov was well-known throughout the world.

But my young son sat at the table this morning, listening to his mother read "Pilgrim's Progress". He was able to articulate that God is the one who rescued Pilgrim, and that the Holy Spirit is the Guide of the Christian. He knows that although the Devil wants to pour water on us to quench our fire, Jesus stands behind the wall and pours oil on our fire, causing its flame to burn brighter and higher in spite of temptation and adversity.

Critter prayed, "Dear Lord, thank you that we can sit around the table and read "Pilgrim's Progress", and learn about You." And even though he still says "Pwogwess" instead of "Progress", I would say that he is farther on his journey to the Celestial City than Isaac Asimov or any other brilliant atheist will ever be -- unless, by God's grace, they bow the knee and confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and believe.

Father, thank you for reminding me out of the mouth of my "babe", that salvation is by Your grace. Thank you for journeying with Your children through this life that is filled with many trials. Thank you that You will never, ever leave us, nor forsake us. And thank you so much that You have opened the eyes of my children, so they, too, can give thanks.