Thursday, June 21, 2007

Duck (?) Pond

I have a pond in my front yard. It's been there about three years, and I really enjoy it. The water trickling down over the rocks gives a soothing sound to the patio, and the lilies are spectacular! We enjoy the tadpoles, frogs, and various other water creatures that have found their way to this spot, but I particularly love my goldfish. I have been growing them for three years, taking them in during the winter, and putting them back into the pond each spring. I love to watch them swim through the lilies or dart in and out of the rocks.

This year I have two problems: my pond is green. I can't see my fish. I have treated the pond with algae eater that will work over time, and I am waiting patiently, sort of.

We do have ducks, which are NOT allowed in my pond. They have their own swimming pool, literally (an old child's pool that has been given over to the ducks), and they have been told in no uncertain terms that they are not permitted to crash my pond and wreck my lilies, and especially, they are NOT allowed to EAT my fish!

Imagine my dismay this afternoon when I walked out my front door to see a duck, dipping in the pond, tail feathers on display. I hurried down the steps to chase the culprit from the pond, in order to save the lives of my hapless goldfish.

Upon closer inspection, what looked like the rear end of a duck was actually grandson Stewart's discarded Pull-Up diaper. He was finished with it, and I suppose he thought that tossing it into Granny's pond was as good a place as any to rid himself of the hated thing.

I wish my digital camera was working... I don't know which was funnier: the diaper "duck" or the look on my face. GRIN!