Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not long now...

The twins are coming! The twins are coming! I feel like Paul Revere, making the announcement that the British were on their way.

Truthfully, I don't know when my daughter's twins will make their way into this world, but Rachel looks like she is done! At nearly 37 weeks pregnant, she is huge! Her belly is gigantic. She can hardly walk, and she feels as if everything will soon fall out.

Our whole family is excited about the babies' impending birth. It has been a sacrifice for everyone who loves Rachel. Of course, she is the one with the sore back and swollen ankles, sleepless nights and nausea. However, her husband has had to be gracious with his emotional and sometimes impatient wife. Her family has had to put up with her frustrations and fears as she deals with an OB set in her ways. We have had to "lend" our children to her, almost every day. (I miss having the entire family home at once.) One of the children is always missing...or we have Rachel's boys here. She simply can't do it by herself.

Although it has been a sacrifice, if you were to ask me if it is worth all the time and effort we have invested in order to help bring two precious souls into this world, you KNOW my answer if you know me at all: OF COURSE! Absolutely. Positively. Rachel needs the help. We happen to have a family large enough to have plenty of helpers. And God knew it all beforehand!

I sat and watched Rachel this evening as she sat in her chair, feeling the babies move. The skin of her tummy is shiny, it is so stretched. It looks like a balloon ready to pop. Rachel looks tired, but happy. She murmurs to the babies as they stretch, and we see a little knee push out, or a foot defined and obvious. She smiles as her two year old talks about the babies and pats his mommy's tummy.

All is right with the world, and the babies are coming.


Janet, soon to be a grandmother to 14!


Devon said...

Hi Janet! Thanks for updating us on Rachel. Poor thing! I will be praying for her. Praise God that He has given her so many helpers (and a great Mom too!!).
- Devon

Martha A. said...

I hope everything goes well with the twins birth! 14 grandchildren....... you have exceeded your own number of children! I know my mom says it sure is easier having grandchildren than children!

Janet said...

Devon and Martha, thanks for commenting. I am glad that Debbie reminded me to look into this. It's nice to know that someone is actually reading my thoughts from time to time.

Martha, I chuckled at your comment, and I agree with your mom: it sure is easier having grandchildren than children! Not only that, but quicker, too. It took me 24 years to have 12 children; and here it is only 8 years since the first grandchild was born, and we are soon going to be welcoming our 13th and 14th grandbabies into our family.

The question is, if this keeps up, am I going to be able to remember their birthdays??