Sunday, August 10, 2008

Billson Family - aren't they adorable?

After church today, we stopped to visit with Matt and Joanna and their beautiful children. As you can see, the five of them are quite adorable.

Matt is busy with the two older ones, while Joanna takes care of the newborn! Kaleb is getting a kick out of his little brother, and calls him "Lebi". Kaitlyn says, "Baby".

Kaleb, with a bit of help, got acquainted with his little brother.

Meanwhile, Matt had a visit with HIS little brother (Critter).

On the way home, this is the view we enjoyed. We are truly blessed, with family, with friends, with beauty all around. For all of that, we give thanks.


Adeena said...

I *love* that Kaleb calls him 'Lebi'. :) Makes me want to squish him. ;)

I have to wait so long to snuggle Levi, but maybe I'll get to snuggle Charlie this week. Yay! :D

Rachel said...

Beautiful Family....

How many grandkids now??

Janet said...

15...but stay tuned!