Monday, August 25, 2008

Elena's Big Surprise!

We did it! We pulled off a "While You Were Out" surprise, and renovated the room my daughter Elena shares with her sister, Tiana.

Linda and Elena went to help their cousin, David, and his wife, Kate. Kate just had a beautiful baby boy, and was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of six kids and hot, hazy and humid summer weather. Linda and Elena were the answer: instant entertainment!

So, while they were out, the ones at home plus a few married ones pitched in and cleared out the bedroom. This is Adeena, painting the drawers and the baseboards and the bed and the dresser.
Linda painting the closet; Daniel working on the door. He put in a new door handle!

We scraped the old border off the wall, then mudded, sanded, painted (3 coats!), painted, and painted: beds, dresser, walls, ceiling, closet, shelves, door, and a brand new little desk that Jeff built! Here is Tiana holding baby Matthew while Rachel poses like a painter!

Waiting for Elena to come in. You can see the little desk that Jeff built:

The look of shock on her face is obvious. She didn't say much, because (as she told us later) she was overwhelmed and was afraid she'd cry. However, she loves her new room!

I will post pictures of the whole effect once I get the bedspreads made and the curtain hung. Meanwhile, thank you so much, married kids of mine, and all the ones at home who pitched in and helped with this project! It's a great blessing to your sisters.


Adeena said...

Hurray! It looks so pretty. I'm glad that they love it. :D

Jacqueline said...

That is so nice! What a great thing to do!