Monday, October 20, 2008

A Good Day

We had a jam-packed day yesterday. Up early, breakfast, chores...the usual scurrying around, looking for shoes, getting coffee in travel mugs. On our way.

The drive, although too long in my opinion, is always pleasant on days like yesterday. The sun shone on the frost and the fog, highlighting the beauty of horses grazing in the mist. Fall colours are still brilliant, with oranges, yellows, and scarlets accentuated against blue sky or (surprisingly!) still green fields.

We listen to oldies on the way, children singing along, Rick nodding off. I drive too fast, keeping my eyes open for speed traps (saw two!) and wishing we'd left earlier.

We got to church on time - relief! and were welcomed by 5 smiling faces. I rushed to congratulate Joel on his recent engagement.

Pastor Bob preached powerfully, reminding us of Jesus' status as the Cosmic Creator, Conqueror and King. After fellowship and coffee, we headed to Stratford to help move a piano for Rachel.

It's good that my kids are all tall and strong. We got to the house to pick up the piano and discovered that it had to be hauled up two short flights of stairs, turned on its end, and maneuvered through tight corners. There was a bit of excitement, but the piano got safely to Rachel's house.

We then headed home. Matt and Joanna and their kids arrived before we did. After a bite to eat and a bit of visiting,we went for a walk down the country road and up a gravelly path, filled with leaves that had fallen to make a thick, inviting carpet. The twelve of us (plus two of the dogs) had a blast shuffling through the leaves, discovering treasures in the woods (sticks for swords; a "staff" like Gandalf's) and Kaleb was broken-hearted when we had to turn back.

Daniel fired up the barbecue and cooked hamburgers for all, which we enjoyed out on the patio, snuggled up close to the fire pit.

There truly is joy in the simple things of life: a nature walk, a nice meal shared around a roaring fire, the laughter of children and earnest debate of adults.

It was a good day.


Grammy said...

Sounds like you had a great day yesterday.
Have a great week.

Adeena said...

Sounds like fun. You had a fire?? I would've froze, I think. It was cold.

Your blog is so... white. ;) Nice to have a change, though.