Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When will it ever end?

We're STILL renovating. And that means we still have wall-to-wall clutter in the kitchen, where we've moved all of the furniture and stacked it in order to lay down new flooring.

There's still drywall dust everywhere. The mudding and sanding and painting seems to go on forever.

One wall in the great room is now prime-painted, but we can see that more mud must be applied to a couple of places before we can continue with the real paint. And that, of course, means more sanding and another coat of primer.

Daniel couldn't help Linda today, because he spent most of the day installing a window in the living room. That's good.

I didn't help Linda, because I spent most of the day praying and teaching and praying again.

So, Linda, lovely Linda, painted merrily away. I lie. It was not merrily...she HATES painting. But, servant-heart that she is, she painted in order to bless her family.

It's at the point that if order isn't soon returned to my space, I think I will have to run away. So run away I shall. I shall run to the only One Who knows what I am truly going through. I shall cast all of my cares, all of my worries, all of my pain and heartaches, all of the frustration of living in chaos and uncertainty on HIM. (Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.)

And, I know that it will work out. (For we know that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord.)

Even this.


Adeena said...

I shall come and paint today. I will even paint merrily... because I like painting!! :)

Maybe Linda doesn't like painting because she gets covered in paint from head to toe?? Just sayin'... :P

Janet said...

Or maybe because she has painted the house: the trim, the soffits, the doors (3 or 4 times), the walls, and so on...some of it has lost its joy.

But painting with YOU will certainly add joy!

Joyfully looking forward to it!