Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reno List

We are getting there. This is what is left to be done on our great room, which is a combination Family Room and Learning Centre.

· Paint all trim
· Trim under lights
· Trim windows
ü Paint 1 x 2’s
üPut up 1 x 2’s over lines in ceiling
· Paint the two cabinets (wall colour)
ü Get chimney inspected (it didn't pass.  :( ) 
· Put down flagstone base
· Install wood stove
üBrick up the window
üPaint the brick wall
· Move TV corner
· Paint shelves
· Put up shelves
üFinish my desk
· Build kids’ desks
üInstall my computer
· Install kids’ computers
· Hang chalkboard
· Install tile by doors
üInstall laminate flooring
· Install steps
üSet up furniture
üBring home the massive ottoman
· Rejoice!

When that is all accomplished, I will be able to move the stuff from my kitchen and have a kitchen again. Oh, the joy!

1 comment:

Adeena said...

Bring home a massive ottoman? What massive ottoman?

You should've put up the already completed list for comparison. :)