Thursday, November 06, 2008

YES!! Amy's got it right!

I am thrilled that Amy has tackled the issue of the great divide between Patriarchy and those who disagree with it. She writes with wisdom and candour.

I am a member of the Patriarch's Wives, and have developed relationships with many women in that group over a number of years. We share our lives with one another (to a certain extent - nobody shares online what is known in real life by those closest to you) and we pray for one another.

The women I know on that group are from varied backgrounds. They seek to serve the Lord and their families. They share recipes and ideas about life as they seek to walk humbly with their God. What that looks like varies from family to family. There are no "cookie-cutter" Patriarchalists. In fact, many of the members would not describe their families as such. It's just a group we belong to.

I have visited many a blog and website written by sincere, thinking, Christian women who have been burned by "Patriarchy". I appreciate their position, and I know that what they have experienced is real hurt. They want to help those "stuck" in Patriarchy to flee from the prison in which they are trapped, yet they don't have the whole story.

I have known families that have been dysfunctional, where the Father/husband was a tyrant to both his wife and his children. That kind of Patriarchal family is dead wrong...certainly not full of grace and truth.

Amy's open letter says exactly what I would say, had I the readership she enjoys. I tried very hard to express similar thoughts on some blogs, but was shut down quickly. I have definitely expressed this on the Patriarchs' Wives board.

We are sisters in Christ. We need to learn to love one another with grace. What does love look like? Sometimes it looks tough: exhort one another, rebuke one another, pray for one another. But when our opinions are expressed with grace and truth, with a sincere heart, they are edifying to our sisters. And that's what pleases the Lord.

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