Saturday, February 14, 2009


We had a great time yesterday. All the school-aged grandkids came over (with their moms!) and had a blast together. The first thing we did was separate the littles from the bigs. The big kids went to the great room, where Aunt Linda showed them, step by step, how to draw a dragon. They came up with some "realistic" fantasy creatures!

Meanwhile, the little ones were working on Valentine's Day cards for someone special. They loved the gluing, cutting and coloring they had to do - but the best part was the glitter!

Once the little ones were finished their cards, in came the big ones. They, too, went to work on Valentine's day cards.

Lunch followed, then most of the kids trooped outside to play in the snow and ice, while the moms had tea and recuperated.

We then participated in Dance Class. Adeena taught us the "Boot-Scooting Boogie", then we did the Macarena. Most of the kids got the basics, and we plan to practice next week.

Heather read the true stories of Polycarp and Blandina, early Christian martyrs. Then we did Geography, studying maps - including townships, counties, provinces, countries, continents, hemispheres and the solar system. Each child wrote out their REAL ADDRESS!

I have fun asking the kids, as they leave, what they thought of the day at Granny's house. The best part, according to Becky, was playing with Emma. Justin thought that the maps were cool. All of them had fun.

And that's the best part, for sure.

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Kim from Canada said...

I love living vicariously in your large family...Happy Valentine's!