Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not an Indentured Servant

Some folks out there in cyberspace seem to think that young adults who remain at home are little more than indentured servants.  That may be so in some cases, but I think that in our family's case, it is not so.

My 20 year old daughter got up yesterday morning and went out immediately to care for her horse, and her sister's horse.  This is a joy for her.

She came in to get a bite to eat, then sat with us in the living room as we read 1 Timothy 4 and 5 together.  She had plenty to add to the discussion, as she always does.  We prayed together and had a tea with her older sister who came with her four children to spend the day with us.  The 20 year old enjoyed cuddling a couple of babies and teasing a 3 year old.

After that, she went out to her own computer, where she completed an assignment on 1 Timothy 4:12.  She loves theology, and it is her joy to dig into a verse and to write about what she finds there.  While I did the dishes and began preparations for lunch, she checked her email, read some blogs, and wrote some of her story.  She's a writer, and hopes to be published some day soon.  She also is an illustrator, so she spends time working on that skill as well.

Lunch was next, and she came into the kitchen to help prepare wraps.  We have odd allergies, so we had to chop up different vegetables and had different items to add to wraps, so each person prepared their own.  Again we had tea and a bit of a chat.  While I tidied the kitchen with my married daughter, the littles went out to play for a bit and the 20 year old went back to do her thing...which is writing, studying, reading, illustrating.

While I taught the kids in the afternoon, she worked on various projects of her own choosing.  She joined in the math quiz to prove to siblings and nephews that you can learn your math facts perfectly!  She blew them all out of the water, then she went in to the kitchen to stick the roast into the oven, along with sweet potatoes and butternut squash.  She brought tea to those slaving away in the classroom, and practiced piano for a while.

After a while another married daughter and her husband dropped in for a visit.  While I sewed badges on my youngest's Calvinist Cadet Corps uniform, she helped another married sister (who also dropped by) get supper ready.  It was a matter of getting someone to slice the roast beast, and mash the squash.  The married sister made the gravy, and the green beans were a snap.  (Pun intended!)

Later, this 20 year old hitched a ride to town with her sister to pick up our Cadillac which needed an oil change and a new horn.  On the way home she RAN OUT OF GAS (my fault!) and had to be rescued by her brother.  While she was in town with all of that, I cleaned up the kitchen, fed the dogs, and did all of the dishes with help from her brothers.  

When she arrived home, she played a game on her computer, just to relax.

When you think about it, does she sound like an indentured servant to you?  


Stacy McDonald said...

"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:" (1 Peter 4:10, ESV)

Yep. :-)

Kim from Canada said...

So get it! My daughter may only be 9, but we hear that comment alot from grandparents.

"how can she be expected to do all that work?"

"9year olds should be playing, not working."

Well, in our house that whole family is expected to participate in the running of the household. And there is nothing my dh loves more than doing the 'mom' work! And nothing will prepare our kids more for real life, than - real life!

Tell me more about the Calvinist Cadet Corp - ?