Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Poems and Homeschooling

As a homeschooling mom, I am always dreaming up assignments that challenge and entertain my children as they learn new skills. Yesterday I told them that, because it was Valentine's Day, they ought to write a love poem about someone they love in our family. After listening to the groans for a bit, I told them that writing poems was easy. I wrote one just to prove that I could do it, too.

I know it is not brilliant, but it expresses my heart towards my husband.

Dear Rick:

Today my thoughts are filled with you -
Your smile, your hugs, your kisses, too.
My mind goes back over many years
and ponders all of our hopes and fears,
Then I am led to praise my God
Who led us on the path we've trod...
I thank Him for the trials and joys
we went through, raising girls and boys,
And growing in amazing grace,
as we learned His word and sought His face.
So, husband dear, protector and friend,
I love you now, and will to the end.

- Love, Janet

Nice and loving, right?

Then Tiana, aged 8, wrote:

Valentine's Day is warm and snug
When you give your family a great big hug.
If my sister is sad, I make her happy,
Soon she will be very laughy!
I love my sisters and my brothers -
Don't want to live with any others.
When I grow up and move away,
I'll always remember this happy day.

Then Linda, 16, chimed in with:

So Valentine's has come again
And here we are, the same,
But really, do we truly know
The reason for the name?

We can all speak of pretty flowers,
Chocolates, and sweet meats,
But is that what it's all about--
The getting of good treats?

Is it really about hearts
And every sort of flower?
I think that it is more than that -
More than a candy shower!

God gave me family, and friends, too,
And I am very happy,
For I love them and they love me,
And that's not VERY sappy!

You may think that it's about
Sunshine and people kissing.
But I will tell you truthfully,
You don't know what you're missing.

So while I will not write to you
To ask if you'll be mine,
I'm saying to you anyhow,
Happy Valentine!

But, the boys kept complaining about how hard it is to write a poem,
so Linda whipped off another one:


Chocolate is good to eat
It's a very tasty treat
I wish that it would all be mine
So eat your heart out, Valentine!

I'll steal away those candies, too
From all the stores; none left for you!
So what if I will get too fat;
I don't really care about that.

I'll never send out any cards
I'll cut them all up into shards
I'll give you apples off the tree--
But all the good stuff is for me!

I'll never take your arm in mine,
I'd say 'Go spit, dumb Valentine!'
And if I'd make you cry with that,
I wouldn't care; cause I'm too fat!

I can't care less for crummy poems
I'll feed them all to ugly gnomes!
I don't care for words so sweet;
Just give me all the tasty treats!

You have to realize that Linda is a very loving and kind girl...she
had help being so mean from her two brothers!

Elena, aged 10, wrote:

Tiana, Tiana,
Love her like lasagne!
She is my sister
and shiny like glitter.

When she gives me a smile
Life is simply worthwhile!
We have lots of fun
in the field when we run.

She is my best friend
and will be till the end,
I think she's so fine
Happy Valentine, sister of mine.

Then Patrick, 12 years old, added this poem to the collection:

I love my brother like no other,
And here's the reason why:
Of all the fellows in the world,
He is one special guy!

He comforts me when I am sad
Corrects my heart when I am mad!
When my room's a mess, he helps me clean
And never is too terribly mean!

The best thing about him is the way he plays
Lego and war guys in interesting ways;
He is a bit bossy, it is true,
But Daniel, there's no better friend than you!

Now, I know that these are not the least bit professional, but did you catch the most important message in each of them? My children love each other. My children are best friends with their siblings.

One of the greatest things about homeschooling is the close relationships that are developed as kids work together, day in and day out, doing chores and schoolwork and projects and housework. They all have friends outside our home, but their very best friends are their sisters and brothers.

I thank God for that.

Lord, thank You for leading us on this amazing journey of raising and teaching 12 beautiful children. Thank You that You showed us long ago that our children were to be raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Homeschooling has given us time to teach our children how to love You and love each other. May they always continue to glorify You, and may they enjoy You forever.

In Christ, I pray, amen.

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