Monday, November 12, 2007

Homeschooling - Bible: My favourite subject!

One of my favourite things to do is to teach the Bible to my children and grandchildren. Christopher, my youngest, is a particular joy to me, because he really listens. When I ask him what he learned from the sermon at church, he is able to tell me a synopsis of the sermon, and often is able to articulate applications for his own life. He is all of eight years old.

Yesterday our pastor preached on the book of Joel, and asked the question, "Why does God use evil?" Christopher told me, "Mom, God uses evil for good purposes. It is for the good of His people, and for His own glory."

Today we were doing a review of Creation, The Fall, God's Plan for Redemption, and Adam & Eve's Punishment. We talked about the beauty and harmony of creation (and two of my daughters sang some harmony to illustrate how the harmonious notes sound better together than each note sounds individually). We talked about how Jesus redeemed us by dying on the cross to satisfy a Holy God's just demands. The children coloured pictures while I discussed the doctrines with them. It was a blessing to hear them answer the questions...their answers revealed a firm grasp of the doctrines, not just simple knowledge of the Bible stories.

I, too, am happy that Jesus died on the cross. And I am happy to share it with our children and grandchildren.

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Lynne said...

What a precious post. Thank you for your God honoring blog!