Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Slander; libel - displeasing to God

I was rebuked yesterday by a well-meaning poster who wanted me to know the difference between slander and libel. One is saying something bad about someone else, with the intent to hurt or defame; the other is writing something bad, with the same intent.

Seems to me, a Christian should be more concerned about how she treats fellow Christians than about whether something is slander or libel.

My dear husband led us in Bible study this morning (as is his regular practice). We happen to be reading through 1 Corinthians, and this morning's reading was chapter 4. Paul explains that he is a servant of Christ, as all Christians ought to be. He is also a steward of the mysteries of God: it is his responsibility, as an apostle, to teach the gospel. He doesn't care about the judgment the Corinthians have placed on him. What matters to him is the Lord, the righteous Judge. He will bring to light the hidden things, and will reveal the purposes of men's hearts.

When a Christian attacks another, she or he ought to be very, very careful to seek the Lord and to examine his or her own heart before God. Ask, "why do I need to say this? Do I have all of the facts? Is it important? Will it further the kingdom of God?"

Paul goes on to say that he is a fool for Christ's sake. I would say that Stacy McDonald and Jennie Chancey are fools for Christ's sake. They are sending a message to Christian women that the best thing they can aspire to be is a keeper at home, ministering to their own husband and the children that God gives them. It is not a popular message, but it is the truth. God designed women to bear children, and this is the greatest thing they can do. Nothing compares to receiving "a man from the Lord". The miracle of childbirth, the secret formation of a baby in the womb, the fact that babies survive all of the many things that can go wrong in those nine months...all of these are miracles planned by the Living God. Serving one's husband with joy is a blessed thing, as is being loved and honoured and held in high esteem by that same husband.

I have a relative, through my husband, who is an accomplished writer. She is a researcher, a professor, a facilitator. She travels extensively and her work is in high demand worldwide. She recently confided to me that all she really wants to do is to stay home, to be with her husband, to enjoy their home together. That is the real appeal - not the hotel rooms and the praise and the acknowledgment.

Back to Stacy and Jennie: they are wise women. "Being reviled (they) bless; being persecuted (they) endure; being defamed, (they) entreat. (See 1 Cor. 4:12)

We ought to imitate these dear ladies, following them as they follow the Lord.

For a great essay on Slander, go here: My

I am going to require my children to read this essay, and also read the other ones linked at the bottom of the page. Great homeschooling course, in my opinion.


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