Friday, February 01, 2008

The Big Storm!


It was SUPPOSED to be a horrendous mess, but what we experienced in Huron County was really just an ordinary winter day. Ice pellets made the roads very slippery, but there wasn't near as much snow as was forecast, and the wind wasn't howling (which always reminds us that this old house leaks!) so it was a great opportunity to stay put and get a lot done.

That we did. We started with a general clean-up through the house. Linda made waffles for breakfast, and accomplished that with no eggs or sugar, so we were able to eat them, even though we're still on that elimination diet. After that, we organized some big cupboards in the kitchen, moving food from one cupboard to another, and getting rid of all plastic containers that were missing lids. By the time we were finished the organizing, it was time for lunch. Jared made a stir-fry.

We cleaned the kitchen, put roast chicken and roast beef in the oven (diet - some of us can't have the beef - sob!) then headed to our Great Room for some serious studying.

I am determined to teach our children about Canada's government. We discussed the different forms of government, such as democracy, monarchy, pluralism, communism, totalitarianism, etc. It's always fun to hear how much the children understand about how governments work and about how our leaders were elected. Of course, the Sovereignty of God came into the picture, and our children made it clear that they understand that God is the One Who ordained government (Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed) so people would have order instead of anarchy.

We discussed elections, and which forms of government have elections. I needed a way to explain that people in communistic countries, even when allowed to vote, have no real choice. In one of those "Aha!" moments, I told Christopher this:

"Imagine voting is like choosing a piece of fruit to eat. In Canada, I can choose a banana, an apple, an orange, some grapes, a kiwi fruit, etc. In the same way, when I go to vote I can choose a New Democrat, a Conservative, a Liberal, a Communist, a Green Party member, a Christian Heritage Party member, etc. I have lots of choice, and each of those is different!"

"On the other hand, if I were in a communist party, I would be given a choice of a Red Delicious apple, a Jonagold, a MacIntosh, a Courtland, a Granny Smith ---> But I would really have only one choice: an apple! In the same way, the candidates in a truly communist country would all have the same ideas, the same values, and the same goals."

I think the kids have a better appreciation for the freedom of choice we have in this country. I certainly do!

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Martha A. said...

It sounds like a great way to teach!