Monday, February 11, 2008

Order of Canada Considered for Top Abortionist

Today Rick and I popped in to see Joanna, who showed us a picture of her growing baby. At 14 weeks gestation, this wee baby had a cute little button nose, sweet little forehead, perfectly formed spine...already I can tell that this one will be just as adorable as his or her older siblings!

Joanna is naturally tired with the pregnancy, but she still has that beautiful glow of an expecting mom. She stood there, showing off her little belly, with a twinkle in her eyes, as she contemplated that in a few months, there would be another grandbaby for us to love.

It was a joy to see that picture.

And then, this evening, I read that Dr. Henry Morgentaler is being considered as a recipient of the Order of Canada.

I thought of that wee baby being formed in my daughter-in-law's womb, then imagined other babies, just as well formed, being ripped limb from limb so that their mothers can "have a life".

I wrote about Dr. Morgentaler a few years ago:

My view on his life's work has not changed. He ought to be ashamed.

I have read every argument there is on both sides of the pro-life/abortion aka "pro-choice" question, but recently came across a slightly different take on it. My daughter sent me the following:

In the comments
I am against abortion because I am against slavery. I don't believe one human being can own the life of another- and that is what abortion is about. It's not about "choice" at all. I find it abhorrent that, having so recently torn off our own shackles to be recognized as full human beings, and not as men's property, we women turn around and claim our children as property, with full rights to dispose of them if we "choose" to. The hypocrisy is incredible. Who told us the lie that we had to be slave-owners in order not to be slaves?

Didn't men claim that their wives were "part of the household" and therefore their "private" property? Living in a house does not make you part of the house, whether it's made of wood or flesh. And saying it's ok to kill inside the womb but not outside it is like saying it's ok to kill in the kitchen but not the bedroom. What does location have to do with human rights? What does size have to do with human rights? And how does dependency or an immature level of mental development give people the right to poison or mangle you to death?

I am one month pregnant. I carry the child within me, but I do not own the child's life. There are hardships ahead for me, but you don't make your life better by taking someone else's.

People moan about young girls' lives "ruined" by having babies. By that short-sighted logic, the slaves should never have been freed in America, because of all the slave-owners' lives that were "ruined" by it. Many slave-owning families suffered hardship after the emancipation. Does that mean that freeing the slaves was wrong? Of course not.

Pro-life is anti-slavery.

(I can't seem to stop the quote, so it stops here!)

I was appalled when I read that Dr. Morgentaler, the abortionist, who is in my mind no better than a slave-owner (actually, much, much worse...although slave-owning is terrible, at least most of the slave-owners did not kill their slaves) is being considered for Canada's top honour.

My friend Debbie wrote,

I have just learned that "Dr." Henry Morgentaler, the man who pioneered the fight for legalized abortion here in Canada, the man whose trial basically saw all laws pertaining to it's illegality stricken from the books, is being considered for The Order of Canada, a very prestigious Canadian award.
The National Post, a Canadian newspaper, is polling its readership, to ascertain their feelings about this. Please take 15 seconds to click on the link I'm providing and vote "NO".
Bad enough the man has personally murdered countless pre-born children, and has encouraged likewise of countless more - but to see him given such an award is simply appalling.
By the way, it is still shocking to many of us that this man, a proponent of death, is a survivor of the Holocaust.

Vote here:

Abortion is murder. It takes the life of an innocent human being, whose only crime is being too small to stand up for his or her own rights. This holocaust must be stopped! Voting against this proposal is just the beginning. Call or write your MP tomorrow and let your opinion be known.

I know I will.


Anonymous said...

So we should bring more unwanted children into this world where they can be abused at the hands of parents who can not afford or won't give them the basics in life and won't give them up for adoption. Maybe they can sell them on the black market as a commodity for some sick and perverted use. I have 2 that are loved and I had 2 that I ABORTED.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Two wrongs never make it right. Yes, it's wrong when parents don't love and care for their children. But it's even more wrong when they murder them. Once the first wrong is recognized (when a woman is pregnant with an unwanted child), it would be better to choose the right from that point on. For example, you could have given your two unwanted children to someone else who would have loved them. All of us who have loved ones who were adopted are so thankful that their birth moms chose to let them live!

In my devotions this morning, I was reading from Matthew, chapter 18. Jesus said, "Whoever humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kindgom of heaven. And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me." God is smarter than we are, and He knows best.

It sounds like you may be angry and bitter about this subject. The greatest peace and freedom comes when we admit that we have been wrong, and embrace God's way of doing things. His grace and mercy are truly big enough to cover all our sins. There's no greater happiness than being at peace with Him.

Robin McCormick said...

I was a baby that was given up for adoption instead of being murdered. I was given to a woman who could have no children and whose broken heart was mended by an unselfish girl who chose to give me life. I also have a sister whose birthmom's parents took her to a doctor to obtain a consent form for an abortion. Instead of giving them that consent, the doctor talked the parents and birthmom into giving the baby to our family. Awards need to be given to proponents for life such as that doctor who saved the lives of many unborn children.

Anonymous said...

Every baby has a chance to do amazing things in our world, like find the cure for cancer! They just need to be able to grow up.
I was pregnant at 18, and through the support of my family I was able to keep my child, however I would have never murdered that life in my body if I didn't have the support. There are many families who ache to have a child. It's selfish not to share the gift of the womb, if another baby is not desired, with others.

Shawnda said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this! It's very powerful to compare abortion to slavery! You and I can agree that they are similar because we understand that the unborn IS A PERSON. But that's the battle in pro-life vs pro-abortion - "what is it?". If it's a person...then we can all agree that abortion is wrong. But if it's not a person, and just a mush of tissue (which I know is not true!!!), then we can all agree that abortion is OK. All of this to say - that the real issue boils down to what is it. You can find a lot of good apologetics on pro-life at Stand To Reason (I think it's Thanks for being bold and being a voice for the voiceless!!!

Sheila said...

Thanks for that heads up. I'm a Canadian now living in the US. The Canadian abortion situation (the lack of any law) is horrible.

I came here via Amy's blog.