Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy, busy days!

I got a call from my nephew David a week ago. "What are you doing this weekend, Aunt Janet?"

Turns out we were invited to a whirlwind wedding in Niagara Falls. David and his love, Kate, were tying the knot at the Calvary Chapel. After some scrambling and some indecision (we REALLY wanted to be there, but with the truck breaking down and all of the uncertainties surrounding that, we weren't sure we could) we finally decided to go ahead.

We're sure glad we did. The drive to Niagara Falls on Saturday was beautiful. The sun was shining, and there was just enough snow to make the scenery into a winter wonderland. We stopped at three wineries on our way to the hotel, just to experience "Vineland". Where else would I be able to get a sip of wine valued at $120 per bottle? The sommelier explained why it was so expensive ( only a few of those kinds of grapes, the vines well-trimmed to produce hearty fruit, etc.) and then gave us a home-made chocolate truffle to go with it. Yum!

The wedding was scheduled for 6:30 pm. It was short but sweet.

Ryleigh and Anna were the flower-girls. They are cousins, just weeks apart in age. So adorable!

We ate the wedding dinner at an Italian restaurant, Casa Dora. I had salmon with maple syrup flavouring. Interesting! There was much laughter and many stories were told of David and Kate when they were younger.

The next morning, we had a dip in the pool, followed by a lovely breakfast in the hotel. Then Rick and I and Jeff and Adeena went to see the falls and browse through the souvenir shop.

We stopped to visit friends on the way home, so got in late and exhausted, but happy. Let me count the blessings:

1. A mini-getaway with oldest daughter and both of our husbands. That was a rare treat!
2. An adventure visiting three wineries in the centre of Vineland.
3. We witnessed the marriage of our favourite nephew and his lovely bride.
4. A scrumptious evening meal at an Italian restaurant.
5. A dip in the pool - just the four of us!
6. Yummy breakfast.
7. Fun sight-seeing.
8. Spontaneous visit to our friends.
9. It just happened that Matt and Joanna were there- so we got to see them, too!
10. The top reason why we were blessed this weekend is that we found out that grandbaby #16 is on the way!

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