Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I know, I know...

I haven't been posting pictures. My bad. I'll try to get to some tomorrow, in the middle of my chicken-gutting and my laundry-doing and my Critter-teaching. The girls are back at piano lessons tomorrow, so we're really getting back into a routine. I love it!

Daniel actually was wishing for cold weather today. The son of mine who hates the cold the most was wishing for winter. He wants rid of the flies.

My hand is still hurting. The ND told me that perhaps it is a compression fracture, which doesn't show up on an x-ray, but hurts quite a bit. I'll say.

So, I am going to follow her suggestion to apply castor oil and traumeel, then wrap it up and leave it that way while I sleep. She thinks the heat generated by the castor oil coupled with the healing properties of traumeel will help the healing process.

I hope so, because even typing this long exacerbates the problem. So, here's hoping...

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