Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tired of Cyberspace

This is a classic cartoon That was circulating a couple of months ago. Something is WRONG on the internet. All kinds of time is wasted sharing opinions and trying to "fix" the world. I have fallen prey to that kind of thing.

When I first discovered chat groups and Yahoo groups, they were an encouragement to me. Being a mom of 12 is hard work, and it was nice to know that I am not alone.

However, it didn't take long for me to discover that there are people, lots of people, out there who don't agree with me. They don't like the fact that we have 12 children. They don't like our homeschooling. They don't like our wine-drinking. They don't like the fact that we have lots of dogs. Whatever.

I am never going to agree with any one person on this planet in every opinion he or she holds. There will always be disagreement. But I don't have to waste my time adding to the constant barrage of argument.

I think I will stick to sewing. And chicken plucking.

But no more visiting controversial websites for me. I haven't the time, or the inclination.


KeepItSimple said...

Hey Janet...

Isn't it just so? I'm not sure where all those 'controversial' sites are - and I don't want to be know!

I love a good debate - and that can be a not so good thing. You see, I rarely get upset, it's actually enjoyable for me to get into a debate - but I forget that the other person(s) may not have the same light-hearted attitude I do about the discussing of the subject.

So - I'm with you - it's best for me to stay away 'cause sometimes I can be like a dog with a

Blessings to you with all your 12 kids, many dogs, sewin', chicken-pluckin', wine-drinkin', homeschooling self!!

Janet said...

Camille, you make me laugh!

Most of the time I like a good debate, but what saps my energy is the assumption of bad-will. If those whom we are debating are fellow Christians, they should view their adversaries as people for whom Christ died, and that should make the debate a little bit more kind and gentle. But that's not what I see. There is always an assumption that the other guy is in a certain camp and is therefore....

It certainly isn't true. We can't lump everybody into a box. I am mixing metaphors here. I'd better stop while I am ahead.

Back to chicken-pluckin'!

Jacqueline said...

Smart woman. The internet can suck the life out of you if you let it.