Friday, March 13, 2009

History Review, Geography, Science, Flags

Today in Co-op school we started our journey around the world.  We "toured" Canada, USA and Mexico, reading about each of those countries - culture, geography, etc. - and pasting their flags into our Passports.  Each child 0ld enough to do so got a map of North America to colour and label. 

We reviewed "Truth and Triumph", recalling the stories of Polycarp, Blandina and Constantine.  We reviewed and committed to memorizing the Nicean creed.

Aunt Adeena read some poetry to us, and taught us about stamps.  Each child created his own stamp.

Aunt Rachel read from a Science book.  We were all grossed out to read that some viruses don't actually come "alive" until they attach themselves to a living cell in the body.  

Tiana and Elena got the children exercising outside, as they ran around and used their imaginations.  

'twas all good...another day is done.  Now, off I go to bed.

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