Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stewie is Four!

It seems like yesterday that our grandson Stewart entered the world with a bang!  His birth was supposed to be one of those peaceful homebirths.  Everything was set up for his mom to deliver in the room right off the kitchen.  It was perfect - only steps from the bathroom.  

The midwife arrived in plenty of time, and Rachel breathed through the contractions.  She was amazing!  Everything was proceeding according to plan, when all of a sudden there was a poop.  Stewart had done his business while still inside his mother!

The peaceful homebirth turned into a mad dash to the hospital, in case the baby would have some respiratory distress when he was born.  It was stressful for everyone, but, thank God, Stewart made his entrance without too much ado.  

He was covered in poop from head to toe.  It was in his ears, his eyes, his nose...his hair, his armpits.  He was one poopy kid!  But we, the ones welcoming him into this world, loved him in a flash.  We, his parents and grandparents, thought he was beautiful.

He really was.  Underneath all that poop there was a blue-eyed, blonde-haired, baby boy.  Once we got him bathed and dressed, he was absolutely gorgeous.

And now, he's four.  He knows all about being a poopy baby when he was born, because we've all talked about it.  He just grins, and keeps playing with his cars.

Happy Birthday, Stewart!

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Kim from Canada said...

Now that's an exciting way to start off!