Saturday, March 07, 2009

Passports - Geography Class

On Friday the children made passports.  Each child has his own passport made of construction paper and cardboard.  After the gluing was done, Aunt Heather stapled the booklets, then off the child went to see Aunt Adeena, for the passport photo.  Uncle Dan downloaded the pictures, then printed it off, while Granny filled out the vital statistics for each passport.  The children even had to wait in line, like a real passport office!

This is what Elena's looked like, opened to the first page.  I blurred out some of her information.  Notice the official looking imprint?  That was done with the children's great-grandfather's Architect imprint!  (Great-great grandfather to some of them!)

Next week, we plan to "tour" North America, and get stamps or stickers from Canada, USA, and Mexico.  The following week, we'll "tour" Central America, then we'll travel to South America.  Once we finish the Western Hemisphere, we'll be heading to Africa, then Europe, Asia and Australia.  We plan on learning some of the culture, the geographical features, the main exports, the flags, and some of the history of each country we "visit".  This is a whirlwind tour, designed to introduce the children to the countries and cultures of the entire world!

I'll keep you posted.

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Adeena said...

Hurray for passports!! :D Now I have to remember to keep an eye out for cool stickers. ;)