Monday, March 30, 2009

Patrick is now 17!

My goodness, that boy has grown!  He used to be a cute little blonde-haired, blue-eyed imp.  When he was two, he didn't often disobey outright.  He just quietly did what he wanted to do ---> drive his Tonka truck onto the highway!  

Broken bones, burns, and an operation for a hernia did not keep this little man down.  And here he is, now 17, taller than his dad.  He'll soon be off to work with his brother for the summer as a bricklayer's helper.  I'll sure miss him.  I told him he'll have to wear his new t-shirt every day:

Happy Birthday, Son!  We love you!


Adeena said...


That shirt is AWESOME!!

And too true. ;)

Heather said...

Is he really taller than Dad? That weirds me out a little. I know he's tall and all, but he's little Patrick!! And that shirt is too perfect.

My word is paniones. Doesn't that sound Italian? Like food? Love it.