Saturday, August 21, 2004

25th anniversary of our friends

All of my older children are off to Canada's Wonderland for the day, with 2 other families. It is so cool that these three families, who have 30 children between them, have enough older kids that they can do stuff like that!

The house is so QUIET! Elena and Tiana are having a bath, Christopher is waiting his turn, and Jared, who didn't go along for the fun because he is working on his Church History, is making some lunch for them. I can only hear the tapping of Rick's fingers on his keyboard as he is searching for a virus on a customer's computer.

These kinds of days are rare in a large family, but they are peaceful and relaxing. We will be heading out in an hour to join our friends as they celebrate their 25th anniversary. We'll have fun socializing and enjoying dinner outside - the Lord has given us a beautiful summer day!

I do thank God for days like these. No work to do except a few little chores, and getting ready to go. I spent most of the night on the toilet (stomach flu) so the timing of this quiet day was perfect. I was able to rest and recuperate so I can be cheerful this afternoon and evening, despite feeling a little under the weather.

Happy Anniversary, John and Susan! May you have at least 25 more!!!


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