Monday, August 16, 2004

My eldest's anniversary

Today is my daughter Adeena's wedding anniversary! She has been married to Jeff for seven bountiful years. In that time, God has blessed them with 4 children. They have transformed their house into a home with renovations inside and out. They have added a playyard for the kiddies, with slides and swings and a patio for the parents. It is truly a restful, fun place to be.

Yesterday was the celebration of Rebekah's birthday, and we all were at Adeena and Jeff's house for the day. It is amazing to see how organized and capable my daughter is. There were approximately 40 people to feed and entertain, and that didn't phase Adeena one little bit. She sure is a first born: everything is organized and she runs a tight ship!

She fed us a delicious potato salad, coleslaw, a veggie tray, chips, corn chips, punch, fried onions and hamburgers that Jeff cooked on the barbeque. For dessert we had a choice of chocolate or white cake, plus ice cream. Yummy!

Later, Rebekah opened all of her presents. I think she liked the bubbles best!

'Twas a blessed day.

I thank You, God, for family, for the blessing of grandchildren, for the homes You have given us and the people You have brought into our lives.


Tamara said...

Janet's blogging - Janet's blogging! (said in a sing-song voice :-) )


And, I get to be the first to comment! ;-)

I'm going to happily add you to my "reads" list and look forward to reading more of what you have to say. :-)

Janet said...

Tamara, thanks for the sing-songy encouragement. And here I haven't written anything for days. (I have been busy; and then sick with a stomach flu!) But I am glad to see you here!