Monday, August 09, 2004


Why is it that every single time you put something away in a safe spot, it goes missing? I have a beloved canning/freezing book, so beloved that it is in two parts and missing its cover. My daughter Heather "borrowed" it for a year or two, and I recently reclaimed it and brought it home. I put it SAFELY in a drawer, the drawer that has my freezer bags (makes sense!) and today, when I went to get it to check for the recipes for plums and beans, it was GONE!!

Now, I have a choice. I can yell at the kids and start them searching in every nook and cranny, or I can pray and calmly begin to ask them if they have seen the missing beloved canning book. I think I will pray and search with gentleness...I'll see what my reactions will be if it really doesn't turn up soon!

Calmer but still growling a little inside,

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