Monday, August 09, 2004

Well, it's about time.

I have been thinking about creating a blog of my own for some time now. I love to write, and getting feedback would be an added blessing, methinks. Who knows? Well, for one thing, God, Who orders my steps every moment of my existence, knows exactly what the impact of this little corner on this little nook on the web will be.

My mind is full of Augustine this morning, thanks to Matt. He lent me a borrowed tape by John Piper, who was speaking to a pastor's conference on Augustine.

Sovereign JOY. Taking delight in God. Living every moment aware of HIM - not only aware, but delighting in Him, in His creation, in the things and experiences He provides. Standing in awe that He saved ME, that He revealed Himself to me and opened my eyes and heart to abundant living in Christ.

Back to reality: the dishes need attention. I have two boxes of plums to can, plus bananas to fit into the freezer for baking at a later time. My house has that typical Monday morning look to it, and I am expecting company later today. I have to get at the assignments for Church History III, which I intend to finish this week. I am trying to keep my eyes focussed solely on my computer screen, because if I let them stray anywhere I see the disorder that I have to tackle in my classroom, and school starts in just over three weeks!

Augustine. . . dishes. . . assignments. . . housework. . . kids. . . grandkids. . . husband. . . friends. . . GOD! He who orders my steps and called me out of darkness into His marvellous light is WITH me in the drab and dreary and hectic and oh! so wonderful days.

Thank you for your presence, Lord. Thank you for reminding me that I am to delight in You. You are all my joy, all my comfort, all the reason for my life. I love YOU, Lord.

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