Thursday, March 13, 2008

Heaven = High-Speed!!

I seriously am close to heaven at this moment. I have been checking my emails for the past half hour, and I am zipping through them at break-neck speed! What a treat!

Unless you have lived with excruciatingly slow dial-up, you won't understand my joy. But the greatest part of all of this is that I haven't spent one second playing Freecell, or Spider Solitaire, or Solitaire.

My pattern used to be this: click on an email. Wait. Wait. Sigh. Wait. Sigh on Freecell. Wait. Finally, Freecell pops up. Click on New Game. Wait. Start the game. Email finally pops up. Go read the email. Respond. Hit Send. Wait. Wait. Go back to Freecell. Play some more of the game, waiting. Then the email would finally go. Hit delete. Wait...wait...wait... Finish Freecell. Open the next email. Wait. Wait. Start Spider....

You get the picture. A lot of time was wasted in simply waiting for things to open.

So, now that I have high-speed, I can open emails quickly, respond in a jiffy, and delete in a snap. NO wasting time with games that bore me. On to bigger and better things!

I know it's a little thing. But for me, today, it brings a bit of joy.

Now I am off to delete old emails. Maybe I can watch a video or two tomorrow, once Rick hooks up my new speakers. Ahhh, heaven!

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Yoka said...

I am so glad you have high speed now, I remember those dial up days. Janet I wrote to you a long while ago.

We celebrated our 40th (actual day) in Arizona. We drove down there from western Canada with our little RV. This was quite an experience with hubby and God used this time to sharpen iron on iron for each us I am sure.
It was nice to be in the warmer climate while it was snowing heavily at home and we truly enjoyed the beautiful desert experience.
I count our blessings everyday.