Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Manhunt underway!

When I got back from Toronto this evening, Linda and I noticed some strange goings-on. When we investigated, we saw about 5 cop cars in our area. A few minutes later, one of the policemen stopped in our driveway and told me that they were after a car thief. He said the guy had ditched the car and was in the field or the woods behind our house. I offered to let our dogs out, and he said, "No, don't do that! We have police dogs out there, and your dogs will mess everything up."

About two hours went by. We could see the lights flashing across the field as the policemen tried to trap the thief. Finally, another cop came to the door to tell us that they have not yet caught the guy.

Our vehicles are locked, our doors are locked, and we are heading to bed soon. It is a bit unsettling, because we have a garage, a barn, and a woodshed that he could hide in. The cop said to let them know if someone comes knocking on the door to get help.

We are experiencing a winter storm on top of it all. High winds, lots of snow.

So, I am praying that the guy will turn himself in or get caught. I am not too happy about the fact that he is in our area. However, I am glad that our dogs would raise the alarm if someone came to our door.

We are safe at any rate, because God is in control! Nothing will happen to us if it is not in His will.

Isn't it good to know that? Heather commented today that she really isn't afraid when she is in dangerous situation, because she knows for sure that the Lord has numbered her days. She will not die one second before it is her time to die. This gives her courage in the face of danger.

It reminds me of Gladys Aylward, missionary to China. Gladys was a little bit of a woman, not really suited to missionary life. But that didn't stop her! She travelled half-way around the world because she knew that God had called her to China.

After quite some time, she impressed the Mandarin, who commissioned her to be the foot inspector. This allowed her to go inside homes and converse with women as she checked to see if they were following the law, which banned the ancient practice of foot-wrapping.

Her relationship with the Mandarin grew, and she began to tell Him about Jesus. She told him how Jesus would protect her.

Then came the day that the men in the prison rioted. The Mandarin summoned Gladys. "You go into the prison and find out what's wrong."

"Me?" Gladys stammered.

"Yes, you!"

"Why me?" she asked.

"Because you have told me that your God will protect you."

Gladys realized that this was where the rubber met the road. If she really believed that God was in control of all things, including the days of her life, then she would walk into that prison full of rioting criminals.

And so she did.

Because of her bravery in marching right in there and telling the men to stop, she found out that the men had nothing to do. She organized work for them, procuring looms so they could weave cloth and sell it. She made sure they had proper food and clothing. She made a difference in their lives.

I don't know if I will ever be called upon to stand up in a dangerous situation for my faith. I do pray that if the time comes, I will be able to testify that God is true, and that He is able to protect me.

And so He is.


Martha A. said...

Did they ever catch the guy? That would be a bit scary!
Glady Alyward has always been one of my favorite people to read about. She was such an unlikely candiate for the work she did, yet because she was a woman and no man could do the foot inspector job she was able to reach so many people!
I always thought it was funny that the chinese people thought her feet were huge, even though by our standards she had very small feet!
I hope that if I was faced with the situation like her in the prison that I would be able to trust God and do what I need to!

Janet said...

Hi, Martha! Yes, they caught him! You can read about it here:


Thanks for the comments. It's good to know someone is reading. I have such a slow connection that it is very time-consuming to respond to comments. However, very soon we will have high-speed, and when that happens I will be more faithful at posting and at responding to my readers.