Monday, March 10, 2008


My son Daniel fixed up some shelves for me today. He added some 2 x 2's to the front of some existing shelves, because they were just a little bit too narrow. This allowed books and papers to hang over the edge of the shelves, causing them to look messy.

Apparently I never voiced my desire before today. I don't remember not saying out loud that I wanted someone to make the shelves wider...but I guess I didn't say it. I THOUGHT about it, a lot. So it was wonderful that Daniel saw what I meant as soon as I expressed my desire, and he went right to work, making those shelves just a bit wider, and a whole lot better.

Not only that, but last week he made a huge floor-to-ceiling shelf unit for all of the family videos and dvds.

So I am (really!) on the home stretch of organizing the great room where we do our learning together. It has literally been months since I began this project, but we are getting there. I have a huge stack of boxes that I need to sort through, but they, for the most part, have already been partially organized.

Once that all gets done, I will have all of our books and papers in order. I already have the books I am using to teach the kids on a specific shelf; they have their own books and notebooks and binders in their own boxes, too. I have all of our books in categories on overstuffed shelves, and I plan to weed those out, culling the books that are in really bad shape, or the ones that have too much garbage in them to make them valuable to our family.

My friend Isobel once told me that she had a dream about me. In the dream, I had moved into my new home, and was giving Isobel the tour. Every room was filled with shelves. There were shelves in the closets, shelves in plain view, shelves behind huge doors, shelves in the basement. Isobel was so excited for me, because she knows I LOVE shelves.

I do. But what I really love is books...and good, sturdy bookshelves are necessary for any bibliophile!

So, today, I am thankful for Daniel, the master builder of bookshelves! Thank you, son!

(Now, how'd you like to build some shelves in the basement, for storage? Hmmmmm.)

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