Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Funny Story from April, 2005

Adeena sent me this anecdote about a shopping trip a few years ago:

We had two carts, one completely full and the other more than 3/4 full of groceries. Matt and I went off to look at the meat section, leaving Tiana (8 years old) guarding both of the carts. She was bored, she tells me, so she was letting her imagination run a bit. She piped up, in her clear little voice, and asked plaintively, "HOW am I going to pay for all this FOOD?"

She told me that all the adults in the area whipped their heads around and *stared* at her. She realized what they might be thinking, then said, quietly, "Oh, well, my mom can pay for it." LOL!!

She only told me that this morning. I wish I had seen the looks on all those adult faces!!

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