Monday, May 26, 2008

Prayer on the Subject of the Scriptures

Inspired by the Valley of Vision, this is my prayer:

O God of love, I can only come before You because of your overwhelming good character. My sinful nature is a barrier that leaves You in unapproachable light, and leaves me wallowing in the dark of my depravity. Yet You have condescended to know me, and to allow me to know YOU. I don't know all about you…because You are perfect, and so high and so holy that you are unfathomable. Yet, I know You are good, full of mercy, ready to forgive - and that, only because of Jesus.

Your creation displays Your wisdom, power and goodness, and Your word reveals Your will. The Scriptures have been preserved through the centuries, translated into many different languages, published world-wide, and spread throughout the world, even on the internet, so that men may own copies of the Bible, and find You in them.

I see, in the Holy Scriptures, Your greatness and Your grace, Your pity for us miserable creatures, and Your rectitude - Your moral uprightness and perfect judgment of all your creatures. I see Your mercy and Your truth. I see the great contrast between Your Being and the hearts of men. Through Your word You have magnified Your name, and have blessed us with the good news of the gospel.

Have mercy on me, for I have not been grateful for the benefit of Your Holy Word, and although I have had the privilege of owning a Bible for most of my life, I have not studied it as I should. I have not memorized it, meditated on it, saturated my soul with it, as You have required. Have mercy on me, O Father. I have made light of spiritual things, disregarded Your commandments, and have fought against the good examples I see in the pages of Scripture.

I have ignored the rebukes of my conscience, the admonition of friends, and even the leadings of Providence, and I do deserve that Your kingdom be taken away from me. Lord, I confess my sin with feeling, with sorrow, with a broken heart and contrite spirit. I abhor my laziness, and condemn my apathy, and despair that I am so quick to stumble. Give me relief by Jesus, my only hope, because He is my All-Sufficient Saviour. Give me forgiveness through Jesus' blood and strength through His presence. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit so that I can be holy, for You are holy.

And let me love You with all my heart.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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