Thursday, May 01, 2008

Water! A new Well!

Our farmer neighbour stopped by a week ago to tell us that he is buying the farm that surrounds our property from his dad. This farm used to be part of the property we now own, and when our little piece of land was severed off from the farm, the well ended up on their land. We paid for the use of the water for a few years after we moved in, then disaster struck! One day, when we arrived home from Rick's mom's funeral, we discovered we had no water. The farmer wasn't willing to do anything about it, so we made arrangements to get the water mainline dug up and replaced. That was a very expensive proposition at the time. We've used that water (from the neighbour's well) ever since.

So, Mr. Farmer (alias) dropped by last week to tell us that his lawyer informed him that the supplying of water to a neighbour was a litigation waiting to happen. The lawyer told him to cut us off.

We can't blame our neighbour. Ever since the Walkerton tragedy, where contaminated water caused death and hospitalization to a few people, Ontarians have been very cautious about their water supply. Wells have been decommissioned, and new wells dug. And farmers who supply their neighbours have simply stopped doing so, just in case something would go wrong.

So, we called the well guy, and he arrived today. The kids were fascinated with the huge equipment, and wanted to know how things worked. Did you know that the drilling process begins with water? They also use air under pressure! And here I thought the drill would be made of diamonds. Shows how little I know.

I'm not sure how deep he had to go, but he was out there for hours. Apparently we have good water, and lots of it. It is not yet connected to the house, because, in spite of much digging, the boys haven't found the main pipeline yet. I do hope they'll find it tomorrow. I can't wait to take a shower with a bit more water pressure than the slow trickle I am used to!

Of course, all of this thinking about the necessity of water has brought me to consider Christ, who is the Living Water:

Revelation 21:6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

Jesus gives of the fountain of the water of life freely! This One Who is the beginning and the end, who is Omnipotent God, died on the cross that I may live.

I love the story of the Samaritan woman who comes to the well during the dusty heat of the day. When Jesus asks her for a drink of water, she is incredulous. How can you, a Jew, speak to me, a Samaritan AND a woman?

John 4:10 Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.

Matthew Henry comments,
"Jesus begins with a modest request for a draught of water: Give me to drink. He that for our sakes became poor here becomes a beggar, that those who are in want, and cannot dig, may not be ashamed to beg. Christ asked for it, not only because he needed it, and needed her help to come at it, but because he would draw on further discourse with her, and teach us to be willing to be beholden to the meanest when there is occasion. Christ is still begging in his poor members, and a cup of cold water, like this here, given to them in his name, shall not lose its reward."

Jesus needed the water because He, Who created the entire universe (including every drop of water) and sustained it moment by moment, was willing to subject Himself to dwelling in a body, experiencing fatigue and hunger and thirst. He did that for our sake. He asked the woman for a drink for her sake.

Matthew Henry continues:
He assures her what he would have done for her if she had applied to him:

“He would have given thee (and not have upbraided thee as thou doest me) living water.”

By this living water is meant the Spirit, who is not like the water in the bottom of the well, for some of which he asked, but like living or running water, which was much more valuable. Note:

(a.) The Spirit of grace is as living water; #Joh 7:38. Under this similitude the blessings of the Messiah had been promised in the Old Testament, #Isa 12:3; 35:7; 44:3; 55:1 Zec 14:8. The graces of the Spirit, and his comforts, satisfy the thirsting soul, that knows its own nature and necessity.

(b.) Jesus Christ can and will give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him; for he received that he might give.

Secondly, That the living waters he would give should yield a lasting satisfaction and bliss, #Joh 4:14. Christ’s gifts appear most valuable when they come to be compared with the things of this world; for there will appear no comparison between them. Whoever partakes of the Spirit of grace, and the comforts of the everlasting gospel,

a. He shall never thirst, he shall never want that which will abundantly satisfy his soul’s desires; they are longing, but not languishing. A desiring thirst he has, nothing more than God, still more and more of God; but not a despairing thirst.

b. Therefore he shall never thirst, because this water that Christ gives shall be in him a well of water. He can never be reduced to extremity that has in himself a fountain of supply and satisfaction. (a.) Ever ready, for it shall be in him. The principle of grace planted in him is the spring of his comfort; #Joh 7:38. A good man is satisfied from himself, for Christ dwells in his heart. The anointing abides in him; he needs not sneak to the world for comfort; the work and the witness of the Spirit in the heart furnish him with a firm foundation of hope and an overflowing fountain of joy. (b.) Never failing, for it shall be in him a well of water. He that has at hand only a bucket of water needs not thirst as long as this lasts, but it will soon be exhausted; but believers have in them a well of water, overflowing, ever flowing. The principles and affections which Christ’s holy religion forms in the souls of those that are brought under the power of it are this well of water.

[a.] It is springing up, ever in motion, which bespeaks the actings of grace strong and vigorous. If good truths stagnate in our souls, like standing water, they do not answer the end of our receiving them. If there be a good treasure in the heart, we must thence bring forth good things.

[b.] It is springing up unto everlasting life; which intimates,

First, The aims of gracious actings. A sanctified soul has its eye upon heaven, means this, designs this, does all for this, will take up with nothing short of this. Spiritual life springs up towards its own perfection in eternal life.

Secondly, The constancy of those actings; it will continue springing up till it come to perfection.

Thirdly, The crown of them, eternal life at last. The living water rises from heaven, and therefore rises towards heaven; #Ec 1:7. And now is not this water better than that of Jacob’s well?
I am thankful today that God has given me an opportunity to reflect on the glory of my Saviour. He is a gracious Saviour, who has given me eternal life; not only that, He has deposited a down payment in me: the Holy Spirit, Who lives within, sanctifying me and giving me joy in the midst of sorrow, and hope in the face of despair. Because of Jesus, I have my eye fixed on heaven. Because of the Holy Spirit, my life has changed, and I continually do those things that my Father has planned for me to do (for we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them!). This living water will never end, and one day I will spend eternity with The Water of Life Himself. PTL!

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