Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scrapbooking and Constipation

The girls and I went to visit my friend Isobel yesterday. Isobel is the Scrapbook Queen, and she offered to let us use her "snibbly" box (all sorts of scrap papers and cardstock and embellishments) and stamps and cutters and so on.

I wanted the girls to learn the basics of scrapbooking, and they did a great job. It's obvious that they have an artistic bent, and they aren't bound by rules, so they are free to be creative.

God is good, giving us relationships with friends and family that are uplifting and encouraging, and just plain fun. We'll be back to our regular routine tomorrow, thankful for the mini-retreat we enjoyed.

I got this from Rachel today, regarding her 8 year old son:

I was talking to Trenton about constipation, and how it makes it very hard to pooh. He replied, "I call those my contemplation poohs, 'cause I have to sit there for a long time."

Isn't he brillliant? :)
I'll say.


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