Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Piano Competition in Walkerton

Linda began piano lessons nearly two years ago, when she was already 18 years old! She has a wonderful, highly qualified teacher who is committed to helping her learn as much as possible. She is truly blessed.

Today, she participated in her first piano competition. Heather and I had the pleasure of going with her to Walkerton. We arrived over an hour early, so we got to sit in and listen to others compete in their class. The adjudicator was professional, yet warm and kind in her suggestions to the students. She took plenty of time to explain how they could improve.

When Linda's turn came, she was the only competitor in her class. She played beautifully, and Heather and I were so proud to sit there, listening and watching her play. The adjudicator then went forward and told Linda that although her piece seemed simple, it was actually rather intricate and difficult to play. She asked Linda questions like, "What is the most important thing about this piece?" Gulp.

Linda's answers apparently satisfied the judge.

Then, she said things like, "This piece needs balance...which you did beautifully! The dynamics are very important, which you demonstrated well!"

Heather and I were swelling with pride. We wanted to break out into cheers, but that wouldn't have been appropriate.

She earned an 88. Not a bad mark for her first competition!

Oh, and she came first! :)

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Adeena said...

Go Linda!! Yay! :D

I think, if I remember right, that I got an 88 at my Grade 5 Festival. I'll have to find my certificate and look. Good mark, anyway. :)