Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tractor Driver Daddy

I thought you might be interested in this picture, as an addendum to my last post. Rick loves his little tractor, and uses it for all sorts of jobs. Here he is hauling some debris away to be burned.

I think men are happiest when they have land and the tools necessary to subdue their domain. This tractor has been a great tool in Rick's hands! He has piled manure, moved snow, dug holes, filled holes, weeded my flower bed, moved debris, flattened the driveway, moved garbage, loaded the bin with garbage, and done many other things!


Adeena said...

Awww... cute happy Daddy. :D

Daniel said...

What she dosn't tell you is the stuff he messes up with the tractor...

Like digging up the suptic tank, And breaking a pipe in the process..

Or when he cut down a tree and moved the logs(which would have been fine) and scooped and mixed up dirt with it.
And then he piles the stuff right where I had made room for differant logs to be stacked properly.

So far this year he hasn't messed stuff up but I'm waiting. ;)

Adeena said...

Poor Daniel.

Maybe this will be the year that nothing gets messed up! ;) You can always hope.