Monday, April 21, 2008

Ladies at my door...

This morning, I was busy in the kitchen, and Tiana came in, saying, "Mom, there are JW's at the door."

I headed outside and greeted them. Two women, an older one and a young mother with a child, stood there. "Your daughter is very friendly," the younger one commented.

"Well, we're a friendly family," I responded.

"Did she tell you that we're JW's?" she asked.

"Yes, she did. And I am very sorry to hear that."

The surprise on their faces was obvious. I went on to talk about my faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. I quoted Scripture, explaining that Jesus is God, and that He is to be worshiped. I told them that the entire Bible is about Jesus, and that the Father is pleased to glorify Him, and that the Holy Spirit is pleased to reveal Him as the Son of God.

"Oh, you believe in the Trinity."

"Yes, most certainly, I do. The most important thing I can say is that you don't believe in the same Jesus I believe in. You aren't trusting in Him completely for your salvation."

They argued with me, but I pressed the point home, mentioning that they have a works-based religion. The older woman reminded me that James speaks of works, but I jumped on that, explaining clearly that faith without works is dead...but that what matters is the KIND of faith they have.

I asked the younger lady, "Who are you trusting in to take you to heaven?"

"We don't believe in heaven," she said. The older lady piped up, "We believe we will continue here on this beautiful earth!"

"You want to continue on THIS earth?" I asked, incredulous. "This sin-cursed earth, with all of its problems and all of the pain you see? That's your inheritance?"

"Well, Armageddon will happen and it will make all things clean."

"The fact remains that you do not worship the same Jesus that I am putting my trust in to take me to heaven when I die," I reiterated. "You forget that Thomas bowed down and worshiped Jesus, saying 'My Lord and my God!' You forget that the entire Bible is the unfolding story of Redemption, bought at an incredible price so that we can spend eternity with our Redeemer."

They inched away. I wanted to run after them, pleading that they should ask God to show them the truth about His dear Son. It was a blessing to be able to say what I did, and I do pray that God will plant the Seed of His word into their hearts, and that some day, I will fellowship with them in that glorious heaven they don't believe in just yet.

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Kim from Canada said...

Good for you! It is likely that your house will be avoided by their ministry from now on - just like ours. It's funny (and sad) to see any of those religious people walking our neighbourhood and by-passing our house because similar conversations have happen here.

It is good to remember that God's plan for those ladies may have begun with their stop at your door - and if nothing else, yours kids got see witnessing as a verb.