Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Homeschooling is Safer, apparently

In the REALLY STRANGE category, I just heard that eleven 8 and 9 year olds plotted to kill their teacher. They had weapons: an old steak knife, a Crystal paperweight, duct tape, and so on. They even assigned jobs for each person in the conspiracy.

A bit of digging around brought me to a comment from a parent of one of these nasty children. 'My poor kid couldn't help doing was a WHITE teacher, and these are BLACK kids.' Please.

Somehow I just can't feel too sorry for a bunch of children who plan to get rid of their teacher, who must be older, as she is about to retire. According to the parent, she screamed in the kids' faces, and was just all-around nasty. Could the kids have talked to the principal, perhaps? Their parents? Presumably they had homes to go to and parents who want to see them do well in school. If this teacher was so mean that she deserved to die, wouldn't one of the kids (at least) have said something?

I'm sure my children have been frustrated with me at times over the past 25 years that I have taught them. But, I know for certain that they have never plotted to kill me, nor have they amassed a bunch of weapons in order to carry out their evil plan.

Another reason to homeschool: it's safer.


Rachel said...

I agree about the safety of homeschooling. It only takes one child's idea to inspire the masses. If it be good or evil, I'd rather be the one to put the idea in my child's mind.

Linda said...

What bothers me is how I heard many people saying "I just can't understand how those innocent little kids could think of something like that."

Well, think from A to B to C. If they were innocent, they wouldn't have thought of it. Since they thought of it, they aren't innocent. Bing! Fallen world, anybody? Sin of Adam, anybody?

Children are the same as any other mob. One says "Time to drink!" the rest say "yeah, we're thirsty!" And off they go, a stampeding herd.

Janet said...

That's basically what the book, "The Lord of the Flies", has to say. I read it when I was in my teen years, and it really bothered me. This is why I haven't recommended it to my children. The brutality of these proper British schoolboys, when stuck on an island and forced to fend for themselves, is shocking. But, hey, when you consider it from a Christian perspective, fallen sinners are capable of any evil. That's why we need a Saviour.