Friday, April 25, 2008

Love is the Glue

While surfing the web this evening, I came across this poem on the Prairie Home Companion website. I have been teaching analogies to Christopher, and this poem is full of examples. I'm glad that Rick and I are glued together uproariously, too.

"Love is the glue that makes us stick"
by Marydel Rosenfield

Love is the glue that makes us stick
That holds us together through thin and thick

Love is the yeast that makes us rise
To the occasion and fills with surprise

Love is the power that helps us stay
The course when we enter the fray

Love is the force that keeps us on track
That sends us on missions and brings us back

Love is intangible and also invisible
And sometimes positively risible

Being in love is a human emotion
Entraps like a mud flat, engulfs like the ocean

As fish love the water and birds love the air
Love tugs at our heartstrings and makes us a pair.

About the Author
Marydel Rosenfield (nee Coolidge) grew up in Bangor, Maine, the daughter of a forester; she was an only child and bookworm. She always loved playing around with words (learned "The Jabberwocky" in third grade; plays Scrabble not bridge). Her favorite living poet is Billy Collins. She lived in Riverdale (NW Bronx) from 1950 - 2006 with her architect husband; they summered in Maine (east Penobscot Bay region). Her favorite things are saiiing, music, three grown children and two grandchildren. Now living permanently on Deer Isle ME, she and her husband have been uproariously married for 59 years; he married her for her 1939 Ford convertible with a rumble seat.

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