Monday, April 07, 2008

Bell Boys (and a girl!)

Today, Rachel brought her children to "Granny's house" while dh was on the truck. Matthew, 8 months yesterday, had fun sitting in our little sink for a bit. He then played happily on the floor with his twin sister, Heidi, while big brother Trenton copied a Psalm with Uncle Christopher.

Meanwhile, three-year-old Stewie busied himself playing "checkers", or a form thereof, and waiting for Auntie Linda to make lunch. Apparently the very early rising of the Bell family this morning was too much for Stewart to handle. This is what he looked like when he was eating his lunch:
Aunt Linda took pity on him, and came to his rescue, helping him eat the rest of his food before he went off to Dreamland.

And just one more picture for good measure, before I go and join Sleepy Stewie in a good night's sleep:

Now you know why I call my blog "Grannymom's Spot"! Grandkids are great!


Rachel said...

What beautiful grandkids!! The apple doesn't fall far..... :)
Something magical about Granny's house, even our dog gets excited about going!

Linda said...

Too true, Rachel. You're gorgeous. (I mean they had to get it from somewhere, and Mike.... ;p)

Stewart was so cute. We kept asking him, while he was falling asleep, if he wanted to go to bed now. He'd sit up with a deep breath, struggling to keep his eyes open, and say "No,".

Finally, after he'd done this some minutes, I picked him up and asked him again if he was ready to pick one of my teddy bears and go to sleep.


So cute.

Linda said...

Mom, you can no longer, after this, accuse me of never commenting. :D

You can STILL, however, accuse me of not commenting often.

Love you.

Patsy said...


These pictures are precious! I love the dynamics of your family - kids and grandkids growing up together. Thanks for sharing the fun. :)

Patsy (from PW's)

Janet said...

Patsy, thanks for commenting! I love to read the comments, and now that I have high-speed (doing a little happy dance) I can respond fairly quickly to those who leave a note. In the old, dreadfully slow, snail-paced speed dial-up days, I never responded to comments because I just didn't have the patience to wait, and wait, and wait some more.