Friday, May 23, 2008


Stacy MacDonald put this video onto her blog, and I had to embed it on mine, too. It is truly amazing to see what one family has done on 1/5th of an acre in California.

The website is here: The Path to Freedom

We have nearly three acres, and this year we will be raising 130 meat chickens. We have 6 baby ducklings that just hatched. We have been planting our garden, and so far, we have onions and garlic coming, plus romaine lettuce. Tomorrow I plan to plant our tomatoes and peppers, and a zucchini plant.

We also want to put corn and potatoes into the field.

I have been praying that God will bless our efforts to become more and more self-sufficient. The food we raise ourselves is not only more nutritious, because it doesn't have to travel 100's of miles in a truck, but it is more satisfying, because we've put the "sweat of our brows" into it!

I know we don't live in California, and we have a much shorter growing season, but I am hoping to grow plenty of our own food this year.

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