Friday, May 16, 2008


Adeena finally did it! She entered the world of blogs. It's about time. She is the mother of four of the most beautiful children on the face of the earth. Also, she is a multi-talented person. She cooks. She organizes. She plans. She is a typical first born. And to top it all off, she's MY firstborn, which makes it all the more special.

So, I am a happy camper this evening.

I was actually supposed to be camping at Jeff and Adeena's Creekside Camping this holiday weekend, but the Lord saw fit to send rain and cold and misery our way. So, no camping yet. But it won't be long until we haul our little trailer up to Creekside and join in the fun.

Check it out here: Creekside Camping

By the way, I have a secret surprise for you, Adeena. Ask me about it on Sunday.


Adeena said...

A Surprise?!? A Secret Surprise?!! I'm trembling with anticipation. ;)

I'm hoping June will be nice. We can camp in June. Maybe we'll have a camping birthday weekend for Michael.

Janet said...

And so you should be...trembling with anticipation, that is!

Bernie was disappointed that we weren't going ahead with our camping plans. He bought fireworks and everything.

Never mind'll have to be the first nice weekend. Oh, wait. That'll likely be JUNE! Sigh.

See you tomorrow!

KeepItSimple said...

So, what was the secret surprise?? You can't leave the rest of us hanging!!!

Blessings -
There is a Season...

Janet said...

Camille, when Rick and I were on our way back from Niagara, there was lots of traffic (stop and go) on the QEW, so we took a back country road. As we were driving along, we noticed "Creekside Wines" on a sign. We stopped and bought Jeff and Adeena a bottle of Creekside wine. I'd never seen that wine or the winery advertised, and because Adeena calls her camping area "Creekside Camping" I thought she'd love it!

And she did!

Janet said...

Here's a picture of Adeena with her "Secret Surprise".

Janet said...

Or just go to

and you'll see pics of our family day on Sunday.

KeepItSimple said...

How much fun!! That's the sort of thing my parents would have done.

Thanks for letting me in on the secret!

Blessings -