Thursday, July 31, 2008

And the doctor said...

"That bump on your arm that's been bugging you for months and won't go away and doesn't seem to heal is a form of skin cancer. Not the malignant, metasticizing kind...but we ought to treat it right away."

It's a sobering thing to be told you have cancer - even a mild form of it. I didn't catch the name the doctor mentioned, but I think it might be a pre-cancerous condition that can spread to squamous cell carcinoma.

At any rate, my doctor used liquid nitrogen to freeze four spots off of my arms. It stung a little, but that's a small price to pay to rid my body of cells that could prove to be much more dangerous in the long run.

I reminded my doc that both my mother and my grandmother died of cancer. He has ordered a few tests.

Meanwhile, it is good to know that my days are numbered, and that I won't die one millisecond before my God has ordained is my time of death. Not only that, but "how precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints". My faith gives me peace.


US said...

Janet, I know what you mean about hear the word "cancer" when it pertains to you. I had a vaso/baso cell carcenoma removed (they cut and burned - yuck)once and I think it's time for another visit to the dermatologist (but not until the baby is a few months old).

Janet said...

I am fair-skinned, and I know that when I was a young girl, I was sunburned badly a few times. I don't know if that is the reason why I am starting to have this skin problem.

From all the reading I've done, I also know that cancer is more prevalent when one's immune system is compromised. My celiac disease is a factor, I'm sure.

At any rate, I am not without hope (and neither are you!). We serve the Living God, who teaches us to number our days. This is just another lesson in that course.

How old is your baby?

US said...

I am also fair skinned and was sunburned badly many times as a child (and teenager, trying to tan). I have the freckles to prove it. My sister has had 3 spots removed.

The baby has not been born yet.

Adeena said...

"It's a tumor!!"

"It's not a tumor!!"


Now I'm going to die of cancer in my forties. It's all your fault. :P

Janet said...