Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Irresistible Grace

I've been camping with kids and grandkids, up at Creekside Camping. Adeena and Jeff have done a marvelous job of creating a little haven. Their little valley includes a creek, a huge willow tree, a tiny bridge (over said creek!), and a brand-new outhouse. Because they are far away from a major city, the stars at Creekside are absolutely stunning. We were awakened each morning with the sound of birds chirping in the nearby bushes, and we were lulled to sleep by the rippling brook and the sounds of bullfrogs calling for their mates.

The only damper was the mosquitoes. I didn't mind the few episodes of rain, because rain is to be expected, and we hid away inside the shed or the trailers if need be. However, I despise mosquitoes, simply because they find me irresistible. I taste better than anyone around me, including my sweet and tasty littlest grandbabies.

God is Irresistible, too. He calls, and we come. It's as simple as that. Who can resist the God of Heaven, who woos us and hems us in, making us turn to Him, because there really is no other path to take? Nobody can. And blessed are those who have been chosen, and called, and made children of this Glorious God.

Here's a song, Irresistible Grace, that expresses it well.

And now I am heading off to my bed. After a few days of sleeping in an old Rambler Trailer, my bed is also irresistible. At least for me, at this moment.

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