Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We did it!

We moved the shed that I have been wanting to move for quite some time. I failed to take pictures, and I am too tired to really explain it all, but for posterity's sake I wanted to record the achievement.

We've all been working at the last corner of our property that needs to be tidied up and organized. Everything else is fine. However, just behind the barn was a little patch (maybe 30 square feet) full of burdocks and thistles and twigs and branches and stones and old tools and duck bones (THAT'S where the predators take the poor ducks to dispatch them! - we never knew!) and old fencing.

We all raked and dug and picked up and put away and carried all sorts of things. It's been really hot working out there, so I was determined that today would be the day. I didn't want to have to spend another day at this miserable job.

Just about everything was ready when we came in for supper. After supper, Rick decided that he and Daniel had to go and dump the truck. We begged him to wait until the building was moved, but he would have none of it. He needed to dump in the daylight, which was fast fading.

So, we called Jared - it's a handy thing having a son who is 6'7" - and then Linda and Heather and Elena and Tiana and I hooked a couple of ropes to the building, and we P-U-L-L-E-D! It moved!! We pulled some more, and lifted a bit, and with much huffing and puffing, we got it where we want it.

Now we have to put the tarp on it, but that's a job for Rick. My part's done. YEAH!!

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Rachel said...

Hurray for the POWER of many hands.... sorry we weren't there to cheer on. (I won't touch sheds either. :)