Monday, January 14, 2008


Darlene and I have been friends since about 1981. I remember that my daughter Rachel was a baby when we met. Darlene and her husband Ray had 2 children, and we had 3. We hit it off as friends right away, and over the years our families have grown very close. They ended up with 9 kids; we ended up with 12. My son Matt married Darlene's daughter, Joanna.

It's funny how God not only brought us together, but kept us together. Daniel and Patrick are close friends with Joshua. Our four youngest daughters are also great friends.

Today Darlene sent me a picture of our beautiful girls, taken at Jeanine's wedding on November 24. The two in brown are Jessie and Joy; the two in green are Elena and Tiana. Aren't they lovely?

Here's another shot of the girls having fun together:

It is my prayer that the two families continue to be friends, even after we older ones are dead and gone. I hope that these four girls remain friends into adulthood.

Meanwhile, I simply thank God every day for the blessing of friends and family.

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