Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January Thaw

We are blessed to live on a 3 acre plot of land, which affords countless hours of entertainment for the children. Just last week we had a major snowfall, followed by 4 days of unseasonably warm weather. Ta da: Lake Billson was formed!

Elena had the bright idea of getting the kiddie pool to use as her boat. A shovel made a fine paddle. The children got wet, they got cold, they got muddy. But boy, did they ever have fun.
Christopher got too cold and too wet, so he trudged into the house. Ingenuity struck. He got a couple of green garbage bags and some duct tape. Behold: waders!


Adeena said...

You have Lake Placid. My Lake was not so placid. ;) Did Critter wade in those things?

How's the lake doing today? Ours is almost gone. The bridge still looks like it's floating, though. :)

Janet said...

WE still have a lake. It's smaller, but still quite there.

And, yes, Critter did wade in the garbage bags. He also had his own "boat" - the turtle sandbox. I have pictures, but can only download so many.

Thanks for the comment, GPM.

Love, Mom